Why should you sponsor Agile Tour London?

Agile Tour London is a great way for your organisation to engage with the London Agile Software Community. Friday 18 October 2019 will bring together about 300 agile enthusiasts. Team leads and project managers. Scrum Masters. Business analysts. Product Owners. Agile coaches. And, increasingly, CIOs, CTOs, and other decision makers. Everyone is working together to figure out how to make agile work for their customers and their teams. 

Become a sponsor of Agile Tour London to connect face-to-face with the folks pushing the needle in their organisations. #ATLDN is a great opportunity to:

  • Take part in the future of work
  • Showcase your products and services
  • Be associated with a respected and recognised brand
  • Demo and beta test your tools
  • Gain feedback from prospective customers
  • Amplify your thought leadership
  • Recruit great new team members

Just look at this list of speakers. Wouldn’t you want to be a part of this great project?

Benefits of sponsoring our event

Each sponsorship opportunity includes:

  • Access to the event itself
  • Your branding and link on our website, social media, and newsletter
  • Your logo prominent at the event and on our programme
  • Broader promotion to 30,000+ London Meetup community members
  • Membership to our 200+ exclusive agile Slack community
  • Professional photos of you and your team
  • A one-page printed flier or offer you provide ahead for inclusion in attendee giftbag

Besides everything you read above, each package has other exciting benefits shared below:

  • 1x Platinum Sponsor – 45-minute talk* or workshop, exhibition stand in social space, 4 all-day tickets
  • 1x Networking Track Sponsor – 45-minute workshop, exhibition stand, 4 tickets, branding on track
  • 2x Speaker Sponsors – 45-minute talk*, exhibition stand, 2 tickets
  • 2x Enhanced Demo Sessions – 20-minute demo/tutorial*, exhibition stand, 2 tickets
  • 2x Just Demo Sessions – 20-minute demo/tutorial*
  • 4x Exhibition Stands – exhibition stand, 1 ticket

*If you are giving a talk at Agile Tour London, you will also have a video recorded, edited and published by our media partner InfoQ.

Any questions about any of our sponsorship offerings? Let’s continue the conversation via contact@agiletourlondon.co.uk with the subject line Sponsorship.

Diversity Ticket Sponsorship

We want to make this conference as welcoming, accessible, diverse and inclusive as possible.

If agile is the future of work, then we should be working to be an example for the industry. We don’t just want to be representative of the industry — we want to do better. But, like our industry, we have a long way to go.

With this in mind we are also offering opportunities for Diversity Ticket Sponsorship. This starts with buying a pair of discounted tickets — we don’t want anyone to feel isolated — for us to give to people identifying as under-represented in our industry.

In return, we will give you prominent recognition as a D&I supporter during the conference and on our website and marketing. You are also encouraged to nominate under-represented minorities who you think will benefit from attending this year’s event.

The Aginext Community, the organisation behind this conference, will of course act as the first diversity sponsors. In addition, each speaker and facilitator is given a 50% off code and encouraged to use it to invite someone who otherwise couldn’t attend.

Like all things agile, our striving for an inclusive conference is still an experiment. Any feedback on our diversity efforts and future mentoring programme is very welcome.

What makes Agile Tour London special?

For seven years now, Agile Tour London has been a successful one-day conference that brings together individuals and teams at varying stages of their agile journey. We of course see loads from the agile software development space. But, as agility goes cross-functional and cross-organisational, we also are joined by human resources, management, and beyond.

As Agile Tour London continues to grow, we look for new ways to serve our audience. This year we are adding a sixth track with organised networking activities planned throughout the day. We also have a new popular track dedicated to evolving Agile Leadership.

In addition to leadership, this year’s emerging themes include:

  • Cross-organisational, cross-departmental agile at scale
  • Wardley Maps, user stories and other ways to visualise customer value
  • Agile People: Human resources and hiring
  • Creating happy workplaces with Henry Stewart
  • Liberating structures with David Heath
  • Self-organisation with Management 3.0
  • Agile for millennials
  • Psychological safety at work

Read our full schedule here.

We strive to make sure we have the highest quality speakers and workshops. And we are committed to making it an interactive and inclusive event.

Any questions about any of our sponsorship offerings? Let’s continue the conversation via contact@agiletourlondon.co.uk with the subject line Sponsorship.