Agile Tour London 2019 Schedule

Friday 18 October 2019

 Cutty SarkCanary Wharf 3South Quay
GreenwichWest FerryNetworking Area
08:30Registration and Breakfast
09:15Keynote -
Taking Back Software Engineering
by Dave Farley
10:45Biology of Powerful Powerless Leader by Anna ObukhovaMeta-Networking by Judy ReesThe Agony and the Ecstasy of Being Agile when the Schedule is not CANCELEDWardley Mapping: Value Delivery and Competitiveness by Dean LatchanaLeading in an Agile World by Sheetal Thaker and Damien O'Connor
11:45Scaled Agile Framework: Bloated bureaucracy or an enabler for business agility? by Almudena Rodriguez PardoHelp, no Managers ... by Ralph van RoosmalenWhat to Build First: Goal-Oriented MVP by Tatiana Kolesnikova and Arvid TorsetLet’s create happy, productive workplaces by Henry StewartAgile Leadership in Practice by Jeremy RenwickM3.0 Networking by Claire Donald
12:30Lunch Break

13:00 Free Hybrid Lean Agile Coffee by Jennifer Riggins and Philippe Guenet
Short Talks
12:40 Agile HR by Tanya Spencer and Steph South
13:10 Simple, Smart User Stories by Richard Whitehead
12:30 Ukulele Jam! The Ultimate Personal Agility Challenge by Portia Tung and AJ King

13:45Visualising the why - Strategy and Roadmaps in Context by Craig Cockburn
When Transformation transforms you by Fernando SánchezCrafting self-organizing teams for efficient project management by Dariusz WylonBeing Awesome to work with by Julia HarrisonAgile Leadership Forum by Sheetal Thaker, Stuart Turner, Mark Buchan, Jim Hamill and Dean LatchanaPublic Speaking Warm-Up by Hannah Cork and AJ King
14:45We are all actors on the Agile stage by Tomasz KropiewnickiYour Agile Transformation Sucks ...Probably!
by Mark Buchan
How to build what your customers want by George WildeAgile Retrospective Sailing - Networking workshop by Belinda WaldockPlayful Leadership - Enable transformational change by Portia TungLightning talks x7 by Hannah Cork
15:30Afternoon BreakFun Games by Jennifer Riggins
16:00Agile hiring: the pink unicorn everybody is looking for by Norma Acevedo Lopez
Make it safe! Psychological safety for you and your teams by Steven LimmerThe challenge of ’genuine’ agile by Giles LindsayLiberating Structures by David HeathAgile Leaders for the Digital era Urgently Required by Jim HamillCheck-in activities workshop
by Ritika Singh
17:00Is your culture agile-friendly or agile-repellent? by Zak MezianeAgyle with a Y - making Agile work for Millennials by Carmel Dolev
SponsorChanging Role of a Leader when Scaling Agile by Nick WinwrightNetworking Games - a creative and fun session by Michelle Almeida
17:45Farwell Drink
Leadership Talk
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