Agile is all about Experimentation, Feedback, and Iteration. That’s why, at the seventh edition of Agile Tour London, we’re experimenting with a sixth track, wholly dedicated to networking. This is based on the continued participant feedback that the opportunities between sessions to connect with fellow attendees and speakers is just as powerful as the traditional tracks.

This year the Aginext community — which is dedicated to creating moments to share agile advice, experiments and experiences — is facilitating unique networking experiences.

We’ll start out the networking day post-keynote when Judy Rees offers an opportunity to experience first-hand the power of Clean Language and metaphors  — and each other!

Next up Claire Donald will facilitate Management 3.0 practices including a Personal Map Wall that’ll be running all day long, to create links of empathy between attendees.

In the afternoon, Ritika Singh will offer us Check-in Activities, brief, non threatening, fun, information-sharing activities. Next Belinda Waldock will take us on a trip with Agile Retrospective Sailing. Finally, Michelle Almeida will round us out with some fun agile games and icebreakers.

And we want everyone to get an opportunity to shine and share. Spots are open to give a five-minute lightning talk about any agile-adjacent topic. We will also be recording interviews all day long about your conference experience and anything else you want to talk about.

And we know it’s already a day filled with five parallel tracks of activities you may not want to miss. So we’ve looked to maximise your break time. During lunch Aginext founding member Portia Tung will lead us in a BYO Ukulele Jam! Then Philippe Guenet and Jennifer Riggins will host their monthly Agile Lean Coffee in a highly experimental, of course self-organised fashion. Whether you are joining us that day in-person or just virtually, sign up to that semi-virtual lean coffee. Jen will also run some fun games during breaks.

And you’ll get your first moment to network right when you are checking in. Following the suggestion of attendee-turned-speaker Carmel Dolev, everyone can wear “Ask me about…” stickers to help spark those hallway conversations.

Plus every attendee is invited to join our exclusive Aginext Slack community to connect before, during, and after our event.

We are reserving three adjacent rooms for networking, with ongoing coffee and snacks. This allows for parallel activities. We will have games and cards and fun ways to improvise yourself. (Sorry, David’s cat is not included.) And we welcome you as an attendee to improvise activities throughout.

And don’t worry, #ATLDN will continue to have our Quiet Room if you need a mo from Agile Overload.


Networking Track Schedule


This is all in addition to our normal Workshop Track which always offers opportunities to connect and experiment in memorable ways:

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