Agile Leadership

No matter how much we embrace self-management and autonomy, leadership is often what makes or breaks an agile transformation. And people in management roles are often the ones most confused by how their roles evolve in response to agile. That’s why this year, generalist Agile Tour London has a track of talks dedicated to Evolving Agile Leadership.

The questions driving Agile Leadership

How do I foster self-organisation? How do I become a servant leader? How does leadership change when agile scales? How do we move past command-and-control? How do I actually like being a leader again? These are questions on the minds of our attendees, speakers and workshop facilitators.

We asked Sheetal Thaker, co-organiser of our agile leadership track, why almost 20 years later, this still matters:

“While helping orgs start their agile journey, I still witness a misalignment of behaviour between delivery teams and their leaders. Still so many orgs still see the hierarchical nature of traditional leadership holding them back — too command and control,” she said.

“One of the biggest agile myths is that agile does not need management. This sparks fear. And managers resist change. Command-and-control and micro-management block great leadership potential.”

What is Agile Leadership?

We asked Aginext community regular and playful change agent Portia Tung what she thinks agile leadership is. She told us that it’s clear that great leadership of any kind comes down to your motivation. From there, everything falls into place.

“For me, agile leadership is really just leadership. And leadership is fundamentally about choice. Every moment is a choice to change and grow.”

She continued that “A true leader is one that walks the walk not just talk the talk. A true leader has what Goleman refers to as an ‘autotelic personality’ which, in a leadership context, means pursuing one’s life’s purpose or living one’s passion — like enabling human potential — and the outcome is secondary to this pursuit. The power of the ‘autotelic personality’ is what keeps us going and growing!”

Portia offers Playful Leadership as “an exploratory approach for discovering your own leadership style. It enables us to discover who we really are and how we think and lead at our best.”

Agile Leadership Topics

We hope that you’ll join us Friday 18 October for our foray into these agile leadership topics:

Beyond this official track, we also three talks around different topics surrounding self-organisation, given by Anna Obukhova, Ralph van Roosmalen, and Dariusz Wylon.

Plus we will bring several of our speakers onstage for an Agile Leadership Forum to answer your biggest questions.

Our seventh Agile Tour London will be our biggest ever and shouldn’t be missed. Get your ticket before they sell out!