Fernando Sánchez


Fernando is acting right now as Enterprise Agile Coach in Ubeeqo (an Europcar Mobility Group business) and he is the former Head of Innovation at the Spanish fashion brand Desigual.

He enjoys extensive managerial experience, both driving operational projects as well as governance activities. As leader of cross- functional teams at the Microsoft partner Raona, he was responsible for a wide variety of projects for Spanish IBEX35 enterprises. Moreover, Fernando has a strong technical background, with more than 18 years experience as developer, software architect, and IT expert. Furthermore, he has published numerous Java articles in the technological magazine PCMania (Axel-Springer). Within his former company, he had undertaken a large number of challenges, working in different roles: he was responsible for establishing the department for quality assurance and governance discipline, as well as defining the framework for new ways of working. Right now, living this transformation has allowed him to dedicate full time to take care of people and help them to raise the bar day by day.

All in all, Fernando’s target is delivering value, focused on people and collaboration.


When Transformation transforms you
18 October, 2020
13:45  -  14:30
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