Dean Latchana


Dean supports organisations to succeed in a dynamic market by helping them to develop awareness and ways of working that are contextual to their needs.

He advises and guides organisations to gain a new set of competencies so they can continuously re-optimise to an ever-changing business landscape. He co-develops change to remove organisational debt to create the focus for innovation.

In order to achieve this, as a Transformation Coach, his role is to support business transformation programmes and develop new ways of working across departments. He teaches departments, and coach & mentor individuals.


An Introduction to Wardley Mapping: Understanding value delivery and ensuring competitiveness
18 October, 2019
10:45  -  11:30
What to Build First: Goal-Oriented MVP
18 October, 2020
11:45  -  12:30
Agile Leadership Forum
18 October, 2019
13:45  -  14:30
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