AJ King

Ocado Technology

AJ is a Catalyst at Ocado Technology, with a background in Psychology and Behavioural Economics (essentially the science of Decision-Making). This means people not only think he can read their minds, but also that he’ll know what they should order when unsure in a restaurant. For the record, he can’t read your mind, and you should have the cheesecake… for all three courses.

Before joining Ocado Technology and becoming immersed in the world of Agile, he co-founded The Improv. Musical. Luckily Agile working and Improv. create the environment of ordered chaos. When not telling people what to order for dinner AJ likes long walks in the countryside, an engaging chat over a great ale, and writing bios that sound like dating profiles…


Ukulele Jam! The Ultimate Personal Agility Challenge
18 October, 2019
12:30  -  13:00
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