Your Agile Transformation Sucks … Probably!

Session Category :  Talk 
18 October, 2020
14:45  -  15:30

(Slides) (Video) Is your organisation running an Agile Transformation right now? If so, it is most likely costing millions and will not deliver a fraction of the benefits promised by the consultants. In short, it is probably on the road to failure…

As a seasoned ‘Agile trouble-shooter’, with over 20 years’ experience in delivering transformative change and helping turn around failing transformations, Mark Buchan identifies the five mistakes that are common in EVERY failing transformation and these all occur in the early Pre-Transformation Phase. These mistakes lead to what Buchan terms ‘Pseudo-Agile Transformation’, the appearance of change where nothing really changes. He sets about explaining what needs to be done instead to create ‘Genuine Agile Transformation’.

In his recently published book Mark Buchan advises that rather than waiting for the change initiative to start failing, the organisational leaders need to set it up correctly from the start. Instead of following prescriptions and recipes, and the conventional approach to Agile Transformations provided by large consulting houses, Buchan also suggests following a radical, new strategy that is genuinely tailored to the individual organisation. The result? A more engaged, enthused, creative collection of Agile teams delivering change, outsmarting and outpacing the competition, resulting in more customer satisfaction, more profit and less waste.

Drawing on human psychology and change management models spanning over 50 years, he provides an elegant and simple solution that is easy to apply and puts the leaders in the driving seat of their Agile Transformation.

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