Ukulele Jam! The Ultimate Personal Agility Challenge

Session Category :  Networking 
18 October, 2019
12:30  -  13:00
Sadly, all too often, Agile is all talk. The true meaning of Agile gets lost amidst such rhetoric and handwaving from Agile careerists and practitioners alike.
To truly understand what being Agile means and all the benefits that it brings, we need to experience it for ourselves. To live it, breathe it and really feel it.
As luck would have it, one of the most “agile” groups in existence is the Ukulele Community. We’re proud to welcome The Lost and Foundlings, a troupe of ukulele enthusiasts and agile practitioners led by Portia Tung, founder of The School of Play, who are going to run an interactive music making jam. This is your chance to experience first-hand what living the Agile values and applying the Agile principles feels like – through the medium of music.
It’s a BYOI session so Bring Your Own Instrument be it a ukulele or another instrument of your choice including your voice! We’ll bring the music books. Come with courage and your “instrument of choice” and be ready to play for your life!
Session Objectives:
– Experience firsthand what living the Agile values and applying the Agile principles feels like
– Reflect on how agile you think you are and what you do in practice, especially when put under pressure to perform
– Develop networking skills
– Make friends
– Learn to play with a new instrument
– Have fun!
Where can I find a uke?
– Head over to your local music store or shop at Amazon
– A decent first time ukulele from Amazon will set you back a mere £20-£30. Just imagine the possibilities once you own a uke. A career in music making it simply the sheer joy you will bring to your family and friends!
– We recommend also bringing along a uke tuner £5-£10
And… at the end, we will be giving away two ukes!