Lightning Talks x 7

Session Category :  Networking 
18 October, 2019
13:45  -  14:30
New for 2019 is a session dedicated to Lightning Talks by the Attendees of the Agile Tour London 2019! Each speaker has just five minutes to deliver fantastic content to support your Agile journey.
  • Han Cork – How a small team can make a big difference
  • Adam Timlett – Agility and a model of Fractal Risk
  • Ritika Singh – Agile Coach: Journey to a new organisation
  • Daniel Paris – This time it’s personal
  • Almudena Rodriguez Pardo – How your network within the company can boost change throughout your organisation
  • Philippe Guenet & Dean Latchana – Retrospective on empowering diversity
  • Jasmine Singh – Applying martial arts to agile
As you can see, we’ve signed up a few great people already but have also left some spaces free for anyone who’d like to have a go on the day and share their successes with a crowd.
Han Cork, Andrew J King and David Gimelle will be happy to give some help and tips to anyone new at public speaking in the morning of the conference or by e-mail/Slack before the conference.
If you are interested in giving a lightning talk please contact Han Cork on slack or send an e-mail to