Leading in an Agile World

Session Category :  Talk 
18 October, 2020
10:45  -  11:30


(Slides) Large organisations are now adopting agility, yet there is still a divide between those setting the strategy and those delivering on that strategy.

Organisations are adopting agile practices with high expectations of immediate and impactful results. However, in most cases, the transformation begins and ends at the delivery level of the organisation.

Why is this?

Leaders are less aware of the positive impact agile ways of working have on their employees. This causes conflict between what the executive believes a project should be delivered versus the way the team involved believes it should be done.

Our belief is a new type of leader is needed.

This talk will take you back in time to explore the characteristics of leaders over the course of the last six decades. We will look at how leadership has changed over time, and articulate where we think it is headed. We will dive into new leadership, leadership disruption, and leading in this new agile world.