Is your culture agile-friendly or agile-repellent?

Session Category :  Talk 
18 October, 2020
17:00  -  17:45


(Slides)¬†According to the global Annual State of Agile Survey by VersionOne, the biggest challenge facing agile adoption is the ‘misalignment between organisational culture and agile values’. In other words, agile adoption is only possible in an ‘agile friendly’ culture. If agile values go against the organisational culture or DNA, then agile practices will be rejected in the same way a body rejects a foreign object.

Using concrete examples from his experience as an Agile Transformation Specialist, Zak will guide the audience on an interactive journey to delve into the key components of an agile friendly culture, such as psychological safety and trust, and explore ways to develop a framework for effecting the required cultural change in their own organisations.

At the end of the session, Zak will be joined by Tony Crane, Customer Experience Director at Bank of Ireland UK, who will share his experience of creating an agile-friendly culture bubble in his organisation.

The session will close with a Q&A with Zak and Tony.