Agile Leadership in Practice

Session Category :  Talk 
18 October, 2020
11:45  -  12:30


(Slides) There’s a wealth of ideas, advice and courses on Agile Leadership with lofty ideals, aspirations and principles. However there is very little on what trying to lead in Agile ways is like in practice, particularly when operating in a traditional space.

Drawing from his personal experiences of being an Agile Leader, Jeremy will cover the practicalities across a range of topics including:

  • Changing your own learnt behaviours and mental models: Everyone has been brought up in siloed, hierarchical, command-and-control organisations — they have formed our default view. To be Agile, we have to continually challenge these and find new mental models.
  • Empowerment, delegation and trust: High-performing Agile teams need empowerment to deliver but they rarely get as much as they want. There are regulatory blockers to full empowerment but there are also significant psychological impediments, both personal and organisational, around confidence and trust.
  • Feedback: We know that feedback is crucial to Digital/Agile success. How do we make sure that feedback is delivered and managed constructively? What is “Agile Performance Management” and how do we develop consistent high performance?
  • Organisational design: How do we design an organisation that is lined up to deliver value to the customer/citizen properly? How can we prevent those silos from re-emerging when the key people involved in transformation move on?