Urgently Required: Agile Leaders for the Digital Era

Session Category :  Talk 
18 October, 2019
16:00  -  16:45

The whole point of digital-supported transformation is to obliterate hierarchy and resistance to change. To achieve this, agile leaders for the digital era are urgently required.

In an environment characterised by dynamic change and digital disruption, the need for organisations to #AdaptOrDie is now widely accepted by most senior executives.

The argument ‘WHY transform’ has been won, only the HOW is important. How do we build agile, fast-moving, responsive, efficient and collaborative organisations fit-for-purpose in a digital era?

Successful digital supported transformation is first and foremost about changing people, organisation and culture. Technology is just the facilitator. Most digital transformation initiatives will fail because of an overemphasis on technology at the expense of people. Consequently, agile people-focused leadership is critical.

Using a live audience participation tool, this highly interactive session will explore the key issues and challenges in leveraging the full potential of emerging technologies for building next generation organisations.

Key issues discussed will include:

  • Why no industry, no company, no individual is immune from the threat of being disrupted.
  • If organisations need to #AdaptOrDie, why has progress been so slow? Digitisation is not transformation – it is ‘putting lipstick on a pig’.
  • Get agile, get digital or get out. Why we don’t need more digital leaders, we need more agile leaders of change for the digital era.
  • Why most digital transformation programmes will fail. The main barriers and obstacles to be overcome.
  • Do we need to reinvent the concept of leadership? The key traits of an effective agile leader of change. What stays the same and what is different about leadership in a digital world.
  • Overcoming change barriers by embedding agile into the psychology and physiology of your organisation.
  • Is our leadership/management education system ‘fit-for-purpose’ in a digital era? Are we facing an agile leadership crisis?