Roy Marriott

Roy started his career with a degree in computer science from Cambridge University. He worked at
BT and HP Research Labs, and consulted for BBC, Acorn (now ARM) and Phillips.
He began his professional coaching career in 1993, and has been using Solutions Focused Brief
Coaching Coaching (SFBC) for over 20 years, and training others to use it for over a decade. He is the
developer of a number of SFBC training models that are in use around the world, focused on
applications such as change, feedback, psychological safety, negotiation, delegation, time mastery
and stress reduction.

Roy has coached and trained people from organisations such as Bain Consulting, Bupa, Cambridge
University, DisplayLink, European Space Agency, Microsoft, NHS, Nestle, Nationwide Building
Society, VW and many others around the UK and northern Europe. Website

Generating Progress without Generating Resistance

Roy Marriott


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